Gyan calls on Ghanaian celebrities to join in fight against COVID-19

Ghana football icon Asamoah Gyan has called on Ghanaian celebrities to join in the fight against Coronavirus. COVID-19 is currently the World’s biggest enemy having halted all activities. The virus which is believed to have originated from China have already killed thousands of people around the World. With health professionals yet to find a vaccine for the disease, all have left with no option than to take precautionary measures to avoid contracting the virus. Gyan, a celebrated personality in Ghana has urged his colleagues to join to kick out the global canker. “As an icon, people look up to me. I urge all celebrities, all those who are fortunate, let’s give back to the community because this is the time that people need up. People need our support.” “Let’s do this to help the government because the government cannot do this alone. We can’t depend on the government, these are our lives. We have to protect one another; we have to stick together.” “Let’s take precaution, stay at home, use your hand sanitizers, let’s do everything possible to protect ourselves,” he concluded. Ghana have so far recorded 68 COVID-19 cases with three deaths. China and Italy remains the most hit countries by the deadly virus.

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