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The uncertain and the drunk like health system we have today did not just happen suddenly like ghosts appear and disappear in kumawood movies.

The weak health system in Ghana is a buildup of feeble trends of actions and inactions of policy makers with no apparent coordination.

This is not the time to talk about uncompleted hospital projects, completed but yet to function health facilities, delay in posting of essential health workers, unavailability or requisite equipments etc but of course these should remind as of the root of the shaky emergency preparedness we face today.

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The novel Corona virus should not have been a scarecrow in Ghana if leadership had been proactive as expected and advised by many.
“To be forewarned is to be forearmed” but we learnt no lesson in the unprecedented deaths in China, Italy and U.K.
How can a mother hen see the shadow of a flying hawk and still expose it’s chicks without any protection.

The COVID 19 cases in Ghana is on a trajectory and yet no stringent plans are being spelt out by government. The best so far is “stay home, wash your hands and be safe”. Doctors, nurses and other health care professional are still at post day and night leaving themselves and their families at a very high risk of infection while others are supposed to work from their various homes. To the government, policy makers, opinion leaders, Chiefs, the clergy, please be informed that there is fear and panic among doctors and nurses but for the sacrifice and love for God and country we are rather silent about it. There are no strict health insurance covers for nurses, doctors etc. even though we all acknowledge that these moments are trying and crucial to everybody’s life. If really some health plans exist for the so called “front line health workers”, government should make those policies covering them and their families known as well as come clear on the category of staff referred to as front line health workers so others can stay at their various homes and activate their quarantine modes.

I heard one fine lawyer is in the law court seeking legal backing to expose lives to the deadly COVID 19 in the name of NIA registration. Mr lawyer, please restate your position because after your perceived gains, the burden will be on the economy, doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians to do the damage repair. It is sad that the media of today speaks little about such vital issues and leave the rest to the Masters to decide. The voices that spoke for the voiceless some years back are now in confinement minding their own businesses. Leadership needs to redefine and redirect their aims and objectives for being in government. Hospitals have inadequate PPE’S and lack machines to face this pandemic head on. Well, the mother hen could not protect it’s chicks against the the shadow of the hawk, today the defenceless chicks faces the hawk in total fear and panic. We have no options than to stick to the following.
* Good respiratory etiquettes
* Good personal hygiene practices
* Good hand hygiene practices
* Proper use of available PPE’S by health workers

A government that gambles with the health and security of its citizens is certainly not for the people but otherwise.

As a matter of urgency, the government should.

1. Indicate stringent plans towards the fight against COVID 19 which should include well equipped isolation centers in all district and municipalities.
2. Provide immune boosters to all doctors and nurses as a matter of necessity.
3. Establish insurance policies for nurses, doctors, laboratory techs and other health workers in the fight against COVID – 19.
4. Ensure all hospitals, polyclinics, clinics and health centers are completed, well equipped and put to use.

As a hunter of my kind, let me leave you with this,
“All men are not born to be warriors but if you find yourself on the battle field, just make good use of any available weapon so you can defeat your adversary”. What ever means we have, let’s make it a collective approach so we can win and gain victory. Health care professionals are ready, citizens are ready to cope with directives, leadership needs to take absolute charge of this fight against the deadly novel Corona virus.

For God and our country Ghana.


By Bani Wisdom | Nurse | GHPARROTNEWS


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