GHPARROTNEWS.COM is an interactive online news portal reporting on imperative issues of national interest in all spheres and offering various programs on our online channels along with advertising and online shopping. Since 2017, we have worked as a team to achieve the needed recognition on the online news market domain.

Due to our variety and credibility of news reportage and programs, our online community is made of Ghanaians and international audience. GHPARROTNEWS.COM as at 2020 is one of the leading online news portals in Ghana with over 100,000 unique daily visitors because of our diverse nature as a news portal and varying perspectives of the Ghanaian society.

Our credibility and integrity as a news portal was achieved over the years through our core values of reporting;

  1. Credible and Original News Content
  2. Verifying various sources of news contents before they are published
  3. Being the voice of the people as our slogan is
  4. Providing a platform for the sharing of ideas and opinions on issues of national development
  5. Connecting people of various backgrounds on our online community

HTTPS://WWW.GHPARROTNEWS.COM  is updated 24 hours daily, seven days a week leading to the high traffic growth on our news portal and channels. We report with an in-depth knowledge of the news as it happens and programs that benefits our online community on GHPARROT channels.

HTTPS://WWW.GHPARROTNEWS.COM offers various advertising options and opportunities to our advertisers to their benefit as a result of our more than 100,000 unique daily visitors.

Some of our partners and readers are made up of other news portals, newspapers, government institutions, radio stations, online radios, various news agencies across Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Our main mission is to be the voice of the Ghanaian people living in Ghana and the Diaspora as well. To enrich the lives of our readers with true and factual information.


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